Summer holiday in Noosa

Ah Noosa! I would never have thought that our summer holiday location would be on the other side of the country. Margaret River? Busselton? They sounded more likely but somehow this little town 2 hours north of Brisbane has become our home away from home as we come into summer and has for the past 8 years. […]

Nov 16, 2016


Paris in spring in Black & White

Trying to decide if I should photograph in film or digital when travelling is just too hard a question to answer so I often shoot with both. I love the instant gratification of shooting on digital however photographing our memories on film feels a little more permanent somehow. The waiting process of sending film to […]

Aug 22, 2016


Paris in spring

Paris, in the gloriousness of spring time. Our trip to Paris began as grey skies flanked by grey buildings being shielded by dark and bare branches. As we explored the city though, we discovered small pockets of spring throughout with burst of colour and flavour. I’m sure Grant got tired of my exclamations of bright red […]

May 13, 2016


Paris Travel Diary 2016

It has been a whirlwind since we returned from our trip to Paris earlier this month so I am glad to revisit my Paris Travel Diary. It is strange how quickly things change and that those memories of us walking hand in hand along the Jardin de Tuileries have already become fainter in our minds. […]

Apr 29, 2016


Noosa Travel Diary 2014

There is something so unique about Noosa that makes it feel special enough to be a welcomed holiday break and familiar enough to feel like home as you’ll see in my 2014 Noosa Travel Diary. We’ve been visiting for the past 5 years and during our stay this year I realised that it will always be a destination for us […]

Nov 21, 2014


Broome Travel Diary 2014

Its that time of year when my social media feed seems to be filled with tales of people travelling north for a winter escape. We were fortunate to take a few days to ourselves on either side of a wedding I photographed in Broome to enjoy some well earned R&R after a very busy summer for both me and […]

Jul 2, 2014


Lyon Beaujolais Travel Diary 2013

Lyon and the surrounding Beaujolais area were simply too beautiful for words so I will let the photographs do the talking for me. It is exactly as you’d imagine and we spent much of our time indulging in the Beaujolais wine and Lyonnaise food and it is some of our fondest memories of our trip. […]

Oct 3, 2013


Paris Travel Diary 2013

“Though I often looked for one, I finally had to admit there could be no cure for Paris” ~ The Paris Wife After sharing so many Paris posts, here is my Paris Travel Diary. I don’t think you can blame me for wanting to make our French experience last a little longer by sharing my […]

Oct 2, 2013