Following your path


Its hard to me to think back to before I was a wedding photographer. It just feel so natural to be in this position and it is a job that I now know is just one part of what I have been called to do in my life. After finishing school, I floated from idea to idea trying to find my purpose and in the process I started to walk along paths that I now know were temporary side routes to set me up for what I was meant to do with my life. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I started a secretarial traineeship at 19 and those skills now help me to manage my finances and the administration of my business. At 21 I worked as an Administration Assistant with a heavy focus on customer service which allowed me to connect with people from all walks of life. At 24 I worked as a Personal Assistant with one of the top retailers in the country and learned from the best about branding, marketing and merchandising.

In hindsight I can see that all of these jobs helped to shape me so when I did find photography at 28, I already had skills in business and could spend more time focussing on my craft. Being a self-taught photographer, I can see how important this freedom was now.

As I am the thick of wedding season in a haze of albums and editing as I create beautiful photography collections for my clients, I just wanted to take a moment to remember why I feel this is my calling.

I am a wedding photographer because it makes my heart beat faster and my eyes wander. I am a wedding photographer because I love people and am curious about their lives. I am a wedding photographer because I am fascinated with how light bounces of the earth and filters through the clouds and trees.

I am a wedding photographer because I love love and I believe I was born to bring attention to the beauty to the world and the beauty in our relationships. It is a blessing in my life to be able to do this and as I hand over my work to my clients, I hope that they feel it as a blessing in their lives too.

Whatever path you're currently on; don't be discouraged if its not where you thought you should be. You may also be on a side route, gathering skills or building relationships to help you when you do discover what your purpose in life is too. Once you get there, you'll be all the more prepared and ready to pursue your passion with all you have.

Flowers by Natural Art Flowers // Gown by Pallas Couture