Angela Higgins Workshop - 7th October 2014

I've heard it said that the best students make the best teachers. I hope this is true as I certainly love to learn and I do love to teach. Hosting workshops for photographers is one area that brings me so much joy as I share techniques and tools that have helped my business grow exponentially every year and teach others how to grow a profitable and sustainable boutique business, whatever the genre of photography and whatever their dreams and aspirations. On Tuesday 7th October 2014, I will be hosting another one-day workshop in Perth for photographers of varying degrees of experience and I am so excited to bring many new ideas and techniques to the table. The workshop does have a heavy focus on branding and marketing which I believe are integral to a boutique business thriving and because I believe so strongly in this, I will also be including one-on-one time with each attendee to discuss their business specifically through a portfolio and branding critique to help them reach their goals.

We will also be taking part in a beautiful bridal style shoot where I will show the method to my photography from natural posing techniques to how best to find and work with natural light and students will also photograph and direct the shoot to build their own portfolio. Afterwards, we will go through every stage of a photograph as I will share my editing and post-processing workflow.

A big component of my photography workshop is helping photographers free up their time to get their lives back. I will share in depth information into decisions I have made to help grow my business while also nourishing my own life and creative needs. I want photographers to spend more time being creative, with their families or dreaming up new ideas rather than spending 60 hours a week in front of the computer. Together we will help you get your lives back with smart branding, marketing and post-processing and client care.

To keep the workshop as intimate as possible, there are just 15 seats available and already half are sold out. If you'd like to be a part of the workshop, seats are available for an early bird rate of $790 until 31st August so please visit for all the details and to register your seat!