A peek into my office


So last weekend was the start of a lot more time at home on the weekends and what did I do? Go to the movies? Cook up a storm? No ... I cleaned the office. To be honest while I'm not a big fan of cleaning, I do love the chance for a restyle of our spaces by bringing in elements that I love and removing those that I don't. When we first moved into our home, the office in the front of the house was covered in black wallpaper. Yes, black wallpaper! As I sat there working I could feel the room pushing down on me so making over the room became a priority for me. The starting point was seeing a gorgeous little powder room on a Sarah's House renovation covered in wallpaper that was just perfect and I instantly fell in love with. I decided to use the wallpaper on the longest wall in the office that the desks faced and paint the remaining walls the background colour of the wallpaper to keep the rest of the room neutral and light.

I have to admit, it is a lovely space to work each day. Not many of us get to personify our workspaces and I have been deliberating for 2 years now about putting shelves or artwork on the wall but knowing it is a very permanent decision is holding me back. Moving my inspiration board from a wall behind me (which I never saw), to in front of me was a great move to inspire me daily. It is still a very summery inspiration board and over the next couple of weeks I am going to change it up for a more autumn/wintery inspiration.

I do share this office space with my husband and his desk is to the left of mine. We have two identical desks and behind Grant's desk is a small Ikea Expedit shelving unit that houses the small amount of paperwork we need to function along with the modem and printer. My storage needs are minimal (mainly promotional material and notecards, product folios, negatives from my personal work etc) as I try to work as paper free as possible. Less paper = less clutter.

So there you go! I hope you enjoy this little peek into my world! My must haves in an office? Definitely fresh flowers, a lightly scented candle and some music to make the day go faster.

Some of my favourites things in my office: Let's Do This letterpress card from Lara Casey // Eiffel Tower purchased in Paris // Annie Liebovitz At Work // Style Me Pretty Weddings // Glasshouse Candle in No3 Gardenia Inoubliable // Mercury votive, used as vase from Bed, Bath n'Table // William Thomas matches jar // Vivian Maier Street Photographer // Vanity Fair Portraits // Women Then // Hand of pianist replica sculpture by Rodin, purchased at Rodin Museum // William Saroyan quote print by Oh My Deer