Things I'm loving - Movie edition


There are so many elements that make up the being of a good photographer. For me I find inspiration in my home (and in others homes), I'm inspired by movies, music and television and ultimately by trying to live a better life.  While its important to feed your soul artistically and create, I also believe that there is also the need to have down time and replenish the tanks. To be still and be open to other inspirations that will only further your own creativity. There have been a few movies lately that I've been loving and have been helping me re-energise and I thought I'd share them with you in a Things I'm Loving round up.

Renoir- With a rare free weekend in the middle of March, I decided to catch up on a few movies and Renoir was at the top of the list.  Set on the French Riviera, at Pierre-Auguste Renoir's country home, it tells the story of Andree Heuschling, Renoir's last model who also fell in love with his son, Jean Renoir who later became an acclaimed film director. The cinematography alone is enough to make you want to watch this movie over and over again and while I think there could have been more of a story developed, I just loved the natural look of the whole film.

Annie Leibovitz - Life Through the Lens - While I had seen this movie before when it was first released, for some reason I didn't buy it so I recently added it to my movie library. When I think of a photographer that has influenced pop culture like few others, Annie Leibovitz is the first one that comes to mine. I always find it fascinating how certain artists see the world and one of the reasons I love Annie Leibovitz is that she took chances to create photographs that were different, honest and often with a sense of humour.

Adoration - I admit I often bypass many Australian films for a number of reasons but this one peaked my interest for its beautiful landscape setting, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright in the lead roles and its rather provocative plot. The scenery is just breathtaking and at the end of the film, I just sat in the quiet and watched the entire credits role, wishing there was more for me to see and I still thought about it days later.

Love, Marilyn - Last year I read Fragments and this documentary is based off those "lost" note, letters and poems written in Marilyn's own hand and offering a unique insight into her mind. Love, Marilyn is a fascinating documentary that I just love watching over and over again as a number of actors interpret her writings.