Three years


"Marriage is glorious but hard. It's a burning joy and strength and yet it is also blood, sweat and tears, humbling defeats and exhausting victories." ~ Timothy Keller

I came across this quote just yesterday. It always surprises me how I can find words by chance that express what I cannot at a particular moment. That I stumble on them by accident but they feel as if they were written just for me. Its almost as if providence knew I needed to read them.

There is always the dream of the fairytale wedding followed by the fairytale marriage. As little girls we see the princess marry her prince and all her troubles disappear as they ride off into the sunset together. No quarrels, no dramas, just lots of love and laughter. After the first year of marriage I had to reconcile with the fact that this was not what marriage was about. Marriage has its ups and downs and can be truly wonderful but also extremely hard and I've come to realise that for our marriage to work, then there is a certain amount of selflessness that needs to be given and ego's have no place in a marriage.

Even now as we enter our 3rd year of marriage, we are still learning from each other and striving to find a grace in our relationship. We laugh together, we cry together (or I cry and he holds me tight), we plan for the future together. We are in this marriage for the long term and I know that I will grow old with my best friend by my side. With Grant's children now young adults, our priorities are shifting as we follow the path in front of us. We have changed so much over the past year as we find new a greater importance in our lives together and individually. Those things that we put above all others to strengthen our marriage and our relationship with each other and with others.  I am so excited and perhaps even more nervous for what the future holds for us as we enter a new phase in our lives.

Happy anniversary my love.

Photos by Leo Patrone