Media Room Inspiration

Where to begin. We'll have been in our new home for 3 years this May and its safe to say that the first 2 years have been investing in good bones in our outdoor spaces that we can grow into as the years go by. When it has come to our inside space however I wanted to take things slower and really live in our home for a while to understand how we used spaces and ultimately create a home that is welcoming and comfortable but also functional and beautiful. Rooms that flow from one to the other. Our previous home always felt transitional to me where in this current home I can see us putting down roots and staying here for an indefinite amount of time. With this feeling I decided I needed time to decide how to decorate for the future rather than just jumping in head first. When we first moved in I admit I had rather schizophrenic decorating tastes (one minute I love hollywood regency and the next boho chic) and we have a few difficult rooms to work with, so this has not been an easy task but now I can start to see a vision in my mind of what I want our house to look like and feel like.

To be honest taking the last few years to really try to understand our tastes and needs has made this project much easier now we are starting to put plans into action. I hope to decorate our home living and dining spaces and our master bedroom and wardrobe this year and this January we began to tackle the first room on the list that I wanted to get underway - the media room. I thought I'd bring you along on the journey with me and share with you my inspiration and shortly, show you the end result.

Books, books, books! To be honest I chose to do this room first as it seemed like the easiest and cheapest project and would create an instant additional lounging area that until now had been a catch all for things without a proper home. It would also finally give me the chance to properly store my ever growing collection of books.

My inspiration was a jewel box of deep blue surrounded by bookshelves and treasures that we've picked up along the way in our lives together. There is not a lot of wall space with one wall almost entirely window and the other a double door opening so we didn't have much space to fulfill these dreams. I call it a media room but the main purpose of it is gaming, movies, reading, music and as another sitting area when we entertain as it opens up from our main living space. You can see some more inspiration for the room over at Pinterest but these 5 images are really the ones that jumped out at me as inspiration.

We are almost done with the basic bones of the room that we can add to as time goes by and I will share the results with you in a couple of weeks!

Images clockwise from top left : Coco Republic // source unknown // Canadian House & Home // Porter Design Company via Arianna Belle // Ashley Whittaker Design