Hello Summer!

Its unfortunate that its usually the negative things that weigh most heavily on our minds and take up the most space. Money, kids, work, school, responsibilities. I've started to see that when we spend our time worrying about these things then its inevitable we will miss moments of joy and fortune that come into our lives. So instead, over the past few months we've started to spending our Sunday's trying to switch off and recharge and spend quality time with each other as a family before the busy week starts. It's a habit we've been developing that I can see continuing through summer with conversations over cool beverages and late dinners around the pool and it makes me unbelievably happy.

To kick our summer of perfectly, Grant and I are off to Noosa tomorrow for a few days of R&R before Grant's family arrive to watch Grant and Ben compete in the Noosa Triathlon this weekend. Grant competes in it each year but this will be Ben's first time and the longest distance he has done before. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch them because I will be back in Perth to photograph this amazing couple tie the knot but it will be nice to recharge in one of my favourite places in the world beforehand. After an exhausting winter nursing 3 colds and a dislocated rib, I am looking forward to having a summer of growth and enjoyment and tonnes of lovely weddings.

I may be a little slower returning emails while we are away this week but please bare with me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Feel free to join in our week of R&R through Facebook or Instagram in the meantime!

Have a great week friends!