Chateau de Versailles

Sometimes when you travel, it is often that you discover some things don't live up to expectations. However when we visited the Palace of Versailles this week, it seems our expectations were amazingly under developed. Dripping in gold, silk and crystal, this palace was beyond our imaginings. Always thirsty for more knowledge of history and to get the inside information, we had a fantastic guide who took us through the private Kings Chambers and the ingenious Opera House that was like a hidden jewel in the middle of the palace. Afterwards we were able to wander the grounds and the palace at our leisure although we cleverly hired a golf cart to see the entire grounds including the Grand and Petit Trianon's and marvel at the magnificence of the jardins.

As we wandered the halls and strolled the grounds, I couldn't help but think of the history that took place within these walls. Of the Kings and Queens who lived lives of spectacle (and often scandal) and as we know, eventually came to an untimely end.