Cypress Albums

One of the prevailing reasons my clients choose my services is because they appreciate quality and value. It is for this reason that I believe the partnership between Cypress Albums and myself is ideal for my client as they handcraft high quality, long lasting heirloom products with a rich, classic finish and timeless stylings that are the perfect home for my clients wedding photographs. A couple of months ago I made a switch to a more lightweight and portable album within the Cypress range that makes you want to spend even more quality time with it. While it is still a flush-mount album it is just a little more accessible through its modern design while still remaining timeless. Recently I delivered the last of the 2012/13 season albums to my clients and thought I would share a few with you. I am in love with the new natural linen fabric now available and it seems my clients are too as the last 4 albums I designed were encased in this beautiful fabric.

I do have some clients consider an album to showcase their engagement session and decided to do a sample just for me to be able to showcase how amazing a small 8x8" album can be. While they are too small for me to recommend them as a wedding album they do make great keepsake albums for parents or grandparents and recently had a client do just that from their 2012 wedding for their mother. This album was of Jessica and Ryan's engagement session and even though it was just 10 pages, I am in love with it.

And here are a few more images of the layouts within the album.

Alex and Craig pre-ordered their 12x12" 20 page album and by the time they returned from their honeymoon in the USA, their first draft was ready for them to review. This process is not something all photographers do as many request their clients choose the images themselves, but I find it works best to help my clients receive an album that is a storybook of their wedding and also moves the process along faster. Alex and Craig were married in February and even with a few unforeseen shipping delays, they received their album before their 6 month wedding anniversary.

Christina and Ryan also chose to prearrange an album in their collection and opted for a 10x10" 30 page album. This meant that once they too returned from their honeymoon in Europe, their draft was ready and waiting for them to review.