St Josephs Church Wedding - Mila and Andi

While Mila and Andi had discussed the possibility of marriage a few years ago, it was still a complete surprise for Mila when they became engaged. Last July, circumstances left Mila and Andi stranded in rainy London while the rest of Andi's family left to visit Paris. All their plans revolved around the continual rain, "Let's go to Hyde Park", Andi said. All Mila could think about however was getting wet in the rain again and asked if instead they could go somewhere with shelter. Just in case.

The decided to visit the Wimbledon tennis museum which was on Andi's wish list but when they got there they found it was closed due to the Olympics coming up. And so Mila and Andi found themselves stranded in the middle of Wimbledon Park. As Mila's eyes began wandering around thinking about what they could do instead, she turned and her eyes fell on Andi who was on bended knee and holding a diamond ring.

I could not think of a better way to finish my official wedding season than with the marriage of Mila and Andi. We had such a lovely time at their engagement session that I was so looking forward to seeing them again and meeting their closest friends and family who would see them become husband and wife.

Mila and Andi chose to get ready at the Fraser Suites in Perth. As they were in rooms right next to each other I was able to spend time with Andi first as he got ready and then visit Mila.

Mila's beautiful custom lace and illusion gown was just perfect for her. Paired with her Miu Miu pumps and her bouquet from Flowers in the Garden, she looked a vision.

As Mila and Andi's ceremony was a traditional mass that left little time afterwards for on location portraits, they decided to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony. As a bride who did this myself, I know how much it adds to the day and was so pleased for them both when they saw each other for the first time.

Afterwards we went to Kings Park for some beautiful portraits amongst the bush. I always love the juxtaposition of a bride and groom in their finery against the rustic backdrop.

The ceremony and mass was held at St Joseph's Subiaco and the sound of the choir filled the entire church.

We decided to take advantage of the waning light for some more relaxed portraits around the church now they were husband and wife.

To see more of Mila and Andi's St Joseph's Subiaco church wedding, please view their slideshow HERE