Two years


Dear Grant It felt like a long time but I waited for a love that would sweep me off my feet and make butterflies float in my stomach. A love that would make time stand still. A love that would make me feel as if I were the only woman in the world.

You know I'm a hopeless romantic that reads (and believes) too many love stories but the truth is that I waited for you. My world was turned upside down almost a decade ago as we came into each others lives and I am not sure it has righted itself even now. With the routine of every day life creating white noise that can be hard to pass through, there are still moments when you take the time to give me what I need to survive and it sometimes feels like its more you than me doing the giving.

* You still kiss me on the cheek when you leave for a business trip before the sun rises. (You think I'm sleeping, but I'm not.)
* You still leave me love notes because you know of my incessant need to hear the words, "I love you."
* You have the coffee machine ready in the morning for me so I don't need to think about it in my sleepy haze.
* You want to celebrate every moment of our lives over a sizzling plate of garlic prawns.
* You buy me champagne instead of chocolates because you know how I love to save the corks as visual records of our moments in life.
* You know that sometimes I need to be quiet or I will crack under the pressure and that often your hand running through my hair relieves the stress.

Here's to us popping another champagne cork tonight to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage and that we never forget to give each other what we need.

Happy anniversary!