Making plans

We've fast become a household of people making plans. Plans for travelling. Plans for our health. Plans for our future. Ben's goal is focussing on school and training for his first Olympic distance triathlon later this year all the while growing at an alarming pace. Phoebe's goal is to move into full time work and move out of home, expand her wardrobe and watch every episode of Georgie Shore. Grant's is focussing on the Half Ironman in Busselton and then another triathlon (the same one as Ben's) later this year as well as excelling in his work.

As for me, so far my lists involve prompts to look after myself more including more regular meals and exercising and enforcing an earlier bedtime, listening more and talking less, walking the dogs and perhaps the least favourite; having my dental check up and clean. I also have a number of travel plans to finalise overseas and interstate which is turning out to be rather good incentive to cross all my other to-do's off my lists.

At my core I am a list maker but that is often where it ends. I make lists for my lists and then remake the lists when I feel I need a kick of motivation. I find I am most productive when I focus on one task until it is completely done rather than work on a number of small tasks. For example, I'd rather spend 2 days culling, editing, blogging and polishing a wedding collection than space it out over the week. However I've started to see that this is why my life sometimes lack balance.

Here is one little creature who will be happy for more balance and more walks. Wish us luck!