Thirst Relief Mentor Auction!


It was a few years ago that I became familiar with Thirst Relief and last year I was nominated as a mentor in their annual auction to raise funds to provide clean drinking water around the world. Its amazing that for just $5 per person, Thirst Relief can provide a long term clean water solution in countries that are less fortunate than us. Here is a little about Thirst Relief International :

Our vision is simple yet profound — to save lives and change the world. Thirst Relief International is a water development organization working to improve access to safe water in nine countries worldwide. Founded in 2005, Thirst Relief works with its implementing partners to launch and sustain water projects in impoverished rural areas and urban slum communities. By providing infrastructure development, training, and financial and technical resources to our partners, we are helping thousands of people each year improve their health through safe drinking water. Without Thirst Relief’s support, and the generosity of our donors, many of these water projects would never come into being.


So what's the deal with the mentor auction?

Each year Thirst Relief International hold an online auction where you can bid for mentor sessions with photographers worldwide. I was delighted to find I was nominated again after last year and to be honest if I can raise $5 then I know we've made a difference to one life and that is nothing short of amazing!

What do you win: A 90 minute mentor session in person, online or over the phone, if you're not in Perth. ShowIt Fast are also giving away $100 PASS credits to all winning bids and if you win a session with me I'll treat you to lunch and gift you a lovely Cypress 4x6" folio.

When: Today February 1st at 12 noon WST – February 4th at 12 noon WST (Perth time!)


Why: All proceeds go towards saving lives through clean water. Through Thirst Relief, $5 gives 1 person clean water for 25 years

Happy bidding!

**UPDATE! Congratulations to Emilia who won the auction!