Smiths Beach Resort

We're pretty lucky here in Western Australia. Just over 3 hours south and its like a completely different world. I often get asked if I like to travel for weddings and the answer is always a resounding, "Yes!". I really can't tell you how much I love visiting the Margaret River and the South West region while photographing my couples weddings Fortunately for me, my husband is able to travel with me most times and makes sure I have plenty of water and a few snacks while working and then takes care of dinner once I'm done. We're living a blessed life and I am hoping I never take it for granted.

Just last weekend we were in Yallingup for Elizabeth and Willis' wedding. We stayed at Smiths Beach Resort and as always I pulled out my camera to take a few photos - its what I do. As the sun started to lower, we wandered through the resort and headed to the beach to watch the sunset before dinner with a little people watching in between. Here is a little of what I saw of the beautiful Smiths Beach and the resort.