Rubbing off

Phoebe had seen all of the new movies out since Christmas and was less than impressed. When she said to me, "I want to see the Anne Hathaway movie." I nearly fell off my chair. I had been dying to see it but was waiting for my mum to be available for us to watch it together as no one else would go with me including my husband. I reminded her that the movie was Les Miserables and a musical and Will Farrell was not in it. She looked at me with defiant wide eyes and told me again she wanted to see it.

My inner self was fist pumping the air cheering that I must be doing something right in helping to raise Phoebe :) My love of reading never rubbed off on either of Ben or Phoebe but hopefully this starts a new appreciation for musicals. One can only dream...a dream. Ba-boom-boom-ching!


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