Looking back and moving forward

I thought I'd take a little time today in between reading my pile of books, cooling off in the pool and having afternoon siestas to start to pull together a post in review of 2012 as I always do for the year. It is often a mix of excitement and dread as I look back on the year as I am able to see where I have been and get a glimpse of where I am going. While that post is a couple of days away, I began to think about where I was creatively at the start of the year and where I am now, 12 months later. I have not yet delivered a collection of photographs that I was not 100% happy with but as time passes and as I continue to evolve as an artist, I often come back and look at my work with different, and usually very critical eyes. I can see where I succeeded and where I failed with composition, direction and post processing. Sometimes to know where we are going we have to see where we have been.

My job is to photograph couples in love on their wedding day. It sounds simple enough but it encompasses so many elements from architecture and people to food and fashion and I always want it to be timeless. My goal is to photograph those couples in love in a world that is heightened with beauty. Its a world where I love to live and escape to as I look for lighting situations that aren't just flattering but ethereal. At the same time I try to accomplish this while allowing moments to happen organically which at times is difficult. I am a photographer who is a blend of photojournalism and fine art and am continually changing which approach is more prevalent in my images.

During 2012, I feel I am just scraping the surface of this concept and while I know that my clients love their images as much as I do, I can see where improvements can be made. Where I need to focus and improve myself to create even more beautiful photographs for my clients to hold dear to their heart and for me to be proud of.

My year in review post will be coming soon but in the meantime I wanted to share a sneak peek of Cecily and Lucas's wedding which was just 2 days before Christmas. I felt it was a good example of how my photography is about natural, uncomplicated and beautiful moments. Its a simple photograph of a tiny moment but this is where I feel that photography plays an important role. That tiny moment is no less beautiful than others just because it is simple. I am sure that many people could pull it apart and critique it bit by bit but it is light and it is lovely and I can't wait to create more art that is the same in the year ahead.