Instagram Me


It would be redundant of me to say that I love photos - but I guess I said it anyway. The power of a photograph is a wonderful thing and it can often say so much more than words ever could. There are times when I could post picture after picture each day but I manage to control myself and try to put out images that are relevant, interesting, perhaps inspiring and are a representation of me and my life, as well as my brand and my work. I mentioned a little while ago that I felt bad I hadn't been posting much personal stuff. I would usually take a photograph of something I wanted to talk about and blog about it here, whether it was a book, a meal I made, a fantastic find that has changed my life or just about us as a family.

In hindsight, I guess I have been blogging but instead its been through Instagram. It's so easy to share real time information with not only those followers on Instagram but also to my Facebook page or my personal page which I do regularly but also selectively.

Here are just a few images from my life recently. There is the cutest dog in the world dressed as a taco, the concrete being poured for our new driveway, a fabulous new pair of wedges I bought and my high tech GPS of post it notes in my car. We've also seen Phoebe get her P plates, Grant and I have moved into the one office together, spotting an image of mine in Southern Weddings Magazine and the life changing event of indulging in Kerastase hair products. There's even one of me that Jess took when she and Ryan arrived to their engagement session recently.

And because Instagramming has become a way of life, here is a little video I came across this morning that had me lol'ing and a little ashamed as I've posted way too many photos of my food and my feet.

Happy Instagraming!