The perfect pony tail

Sometimes I feel that I missed that gene girls are supposed to be born with. You know the one where you know how to apply eyeliner or know the secret to a good blow out. Growing up in the Pilbara the most attention I gave to my hair was a good crimp as a 12 year old and a little lip tinted lip balm if I was feeling extra special. For the past few years though I have been trying to put a little effort in - ironically while trying to look like I did nothing at all. Its always especially hard finding a hair and makeup routine that stands the test of an 8 hour wedding in 35 degree heat and doesn't leave you looking like a harried washer woman with red cheeks and hair everywhere. While its not my goal to look like a model while shooting a wedding I do want to look presentable and put together and not have to worry about it during the day so whatever I do has to have longevity and little attention.

It is a rare day that I will leave my hair down while shooting unless the weather is super mild so most of the time it is up in some form. I've tried a few different updo's and just recently I found the perfect solution for a pony tail with a little attitude that stays put and doesn't slide down to the nape of my neck by the end of the night or have me continually tightening it or needing to pull it back in place. It has changed my life and I thought I would share it just in case there is someone else out there that wants a solution to their own hair woes, whether you are a photographer or not.

Fortunately I have a rather gorgeous step-daughter that I managed to coax into modelling for me to show you. My hair is naturally straight and rather fine so I go with it when I do this pony and straighten it further. Phoebe's hair is naturally a crazy mess of curls so the incentive for helping me out was a free hair straightening but you can totally do this no matter your hair type.

1. I prefer to start off this updo with hair washed a couple of days prior. It just gives a little more hold. After straightening and putting in a little serum, I separate the top half of hair using the ears as a guide. How high the part is depends on how high you want the pony tail to eventually be.

2. Put the lower half of hair into a pony. On the final strokes, spray the hairbrush with a little hairspray to give a little hold underneath. Try to get the pony as close the the hairline you've created as possible.

3. Give the upper half of hair a little tease for body and then lightly brush back to meet your first pony tail and place it over the top to create one pony tail. Fasten with another hair tie.

4. Finally for a little pizazz, wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin and spray a little texturiser/hairspray onto the pony for a little body and movement.

I hope this hasn't been too boring for you and trust me when I say that this pony will be just as perfect 8 hours later and will leave you never wearing a single pony tail ever again.