Videographers and Photographers

Something I noticed quite early on when I started as a wedding photographer is that when you were talking Photographers and Videographers you could be talking about cats and dogs. Everyone seemed to have opinions about which is better and more relevant in wedding photography and I was careful to not judge based on other peoples opinions. However, the bottom line is that if my Bride and Groom want a Videographer on their wedding day, it is not my place to tell them why they don't want one but rather help them find one that will be a great fit for me and by extension, for them. Photographers and Videographers can coexist happily but there needs to be a common ground and a common goal. When you put together your creative team for your wedding day, think of it as just that. Building a team. Just as you would choose a hair stylist to compliment your makeup artist’s work, it will ensure your photographs and video compliment each other and you’ll have a great day too.

Here are some tips in choosing a Videographer to compliment your Photographer.

STYLE It is important to make sure that your Photographer and Videographer are on the same page creatively. Some professionals are more reserved and photojournalistic while others are more involved and will direct you throughout the day. For example, I am not a great compliment to a Videographer that encourages their bridal party to do the “Toyota jump” or run down a hill or have the groomsmen carry the Bride, because it is not my style and not what my Client has booked me for. There is nothing wrong with it if that is what you want but we would not compliment each other as we'd be pulling our client in opposite directions to achieve our individual goals. You can determine the style of any of your team from their past work so be sure to see as much as you can before making a decision.

THERE IS NO I IN TEAM When I arrive to the wedding and as soon as I see the Videographer, I make sure I introduce myself and briefly inform them of how I work, which is pretty relaxed and unobtrusive but also high energy at times. I would rather try to foresee any possible issues at the beginning of the day than in front of my bride and groom later so I give them the chance to fill me in on their style and establish any boundaries. This helps me be aware of what the Videographer needs from me throughout the day to do their job and vice versa.

RECOMMENDATION Your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin may have recommended their Videographer who was all kinds of awesome in their book, but their tastes may be very different to yours so its important to shortlist and talk with your possibilities. As with your Photographer choice, don’t use price as your only qualifying method. If you have booked your Photographer, ask them whom they recommend as their recommendation will always be a compliment to their photography, so it is a great start.

I have known Derek from Urban Light Films for a while but have never had the chance to actually work with him until recently. Even though we hadn’t worked together I could recommend him to my Brides as an option if they wanted my opinion. I could work with Derek every day of the week and twice on Sundays because his work is such a high standard and he is totally aware of his surroundings. This meant we had more time for fun while on location than having to fight each other creatively while photographing Andrew and Bhavia’s wedding last month.


So finally ask your Photographer for a recommendation on Videographers (and vice versa) and make sure you are building a team rather than independent contractors and not only will you have a great day on your wedding day, your photographs and video will go together like tea and scones. Or like cheese and crackers, if you have a salt tooth like me.