Things on my mind

Its been too long since I've blogged about stuff in my life. I always try to keep a good mix of weddings and engagements, business updates and things in my life on the blog but I think Instagram has given me a bit of freedom where I haven't felt the need to blog personal stuff. Even as I type that it feels silly because I love to blog - I just need to find a little balance. As you now know, I was a little busy over the past couple of months working on this little project and while I've still been blogging, I wish I had been blogging a little more regularly. I promise to be a little better about that. So with that, here is a little of what is on my mind lately.

* I am obsessed with Lana del Rey and her latest film clip has me dying for more. * I feel I deserve a medal for not hearing a peep or watching a second of Big Brother since it came back. * I don't think I actually know the definition of Hipster which makes me feel very un-Hipsterlike. * I often forget to eat until 2pm. * I asked for a guitar for my birthday in 2011. I've played it a total of 3 times. * Anything more than a pair of earrings and my wedding ring and I feel as blinged out as J.Lo. * Artificial grass is the bomb! No more mowing, fertilizing and watering. * I'm sure my office wallpaper lowers my heart rate each time I look at it. * I am on a constant guilt trip not exercising enough at all. * I love that I photograph weddings. * This is our first home where I've felt at home. * I used to sing in a cover band but don't like the sound of my own voice. * Time has no meaning when I enter a garden centre, IKEA or am reading a book. * I'm scared to think that Lily and Lulu are over middle-aged. * I make homemade ice-cream but I don't eat it.


And just because I think I haven't taken a photo of them together since 2009, here are my office mates, proof readers and my sanity who know when to nudge me when its time for dinner or for a cuddle. They usually prefer the former. I promise they are not as depressed as they look here.