The bumble bee and the taco

It sounds like the start of a Lewis Carol short story. "The bumble bee and the taco sat down for a cup of tea." Perhaps joined by their friend the snail as they waited to catch the next ferry. Phoebe decided to decorate the house this year for Halloween and entice some Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood. I think she realised that she is too old to trick or treat so being on the other side of the door was the next best thing.

So I, being the responsible pet owner I am, decided it would be fun to dress up the dogs to greet said Trick or Treaters. A quick search online and I found some costumes which arrived just yesterday to transform my little Lulu into a bumble bee and Lily into our hot taco.

They weren't impressed but the promise of lots of doggie treats had them sitting still for a moment for me to capture their shame.

Happy Halloween!