Maylands Engagement Session - Jasmine and Jason

Jasmine was at a friends birthday celebrations when two men, Jason and his best friend Rob, walked into the bar to join in the party. Both standing at 6'5" they stood out in the crowd and Jason made a beeline straight to Jasmine and introduced himself. After a bit of small talk, he discovered that both he and Jasmine worked for the same company who frown upon interoffice dating. So before Jasmine could ask him anything about himself, he abruptly excused himself and wished her well for the night. It seems that Jason decided that this was one time to break the rules and after saying his goodbyes at the party, he walked right back in and again headed for Jasmine. He asked her for her phone number and while she was a little confused she gave it to him and with the encouragement of their mutual friend whose birthday they were celebrating.

Jasmine and Jason will marry each other next month and I am delighted and honoured to be a part of their day. We met each other for the first time at their engagement session earlier this week and I loved hearing their plans of a traditional, elegant ceremony and reception.

I always recommend to my brides that they have their hair and makeup professionally done for their engagement. Jasmine's friend Amanda Cass did her makeup and she looked so beautiful.

To see more of Jasmine and Jason's Maylands Engagement Session, please view their slideshow HERE or just below.