Broome time


The time on Sunday in between checking out of our hotel in the morning and catching our flight later that afternoon felt like forever. We started off with a slow brunch and a bit of sight seeing and spent lunch in the shade with ginger beers at Matso's Brewery. I usually spend the day following a wedding doing absolutely nothing if I can help it as it can be a mentally, emotionally and physically draining day so was a little worse for wear as we drove around in the heat. We dipped our toes in the crystal clear ocean to soothe our sand fly bites while time stood still as we watched children laughing, shouting and splashing in the water and I was transported back to my childhood. I spent the first 21 years of my life just 800km's south of Broome and lived a similar childhood to these cherubs with many afternoons and weekends at the beach. It was nice to just stop and remember for a moment and appreciate a pretty awesome upbringing that I had with freedom and experiences not many kids have.

As we left the beach to head to the airport, Grant and I remarked that clearly a prerequisite for living in Broome was owning a boat, a dog and preferably a couple of naked children. It was nice to live on "Broome time" for a while.

I'll be sharing Vicki and Luke's wedding very soon (so unbelievable!) but in the meantime, here is Broome :)