Happy Birthday Phoebe!


I might forgive you for thinking I dropped off the face of the earth. Fact is that last week was rather busy as we put the finishing touches on Phoebe's 17th birthday celebration.  Last minute glass and furniture rentals, menu arranging and a decadent candy buffet were all on the to-do list and the result was, as we've been told by family and friends, a fabulous soiree. The minute I decided to do a candy buffet (owing to Phoebe's sweeter-than-sweet-tooth), I instantly gave one of my 2010 brides a call. Holly started her own candy buffet business called Scoops of Sweetness with her sister and actually did the candy buffet at her wedding just a year ago.

Holly and I came up with the concept of a 100's and 1000's inspired buffet as an homage to Pheobe's last birthday as an official kid. In just two weeks Holly and Kelly came up with a design complete with milkshake shooters, chocolate freckles and sour lollies (the birthday girls favourite). Thank you so much Kelly and Holly!

Here was the end result!

Phoebe is a little more than ombre obsessed so I attempted an ombre birthday cake. I was holding my breath as she cut into the cake, fingers crossed that it worked and it did.

Lastly, the birthday girl and her BFF, Mel. I've never seen anyone take more pictures of themselves than these two but I guess that's what kids do nowadays. As Phoebe says, "Why not? I'm not going to look like this forever". Touche!

As we said goodbye to the last guest at the party, Phoebe embraced me and thanked me for all I do for her. Its true I couldn't love her more if she were my own flesh and blood and it is moments like that, that make all the planning and effort worthwhile. Happy 17th Phoebe!