Springing and Pinning

First of all I want to thank everyone who has commented on our photos from the wedding. I am so blown over when we received them and it means the world to me that so many of you think so too. Thank you!!! Now, its that time of year. Ever since owning my own home (or perhaps I should say managing my own home) spring has meant a little more than just being able to get out of the winter clothes. I grew up in a town where it was either hot and dry or hot and wet and not much in between. The seasons were never really experienced as much as they are here in Perth and I just love living here for that reason. I love look looking for signs of new life in scented, blooming flowers and bare branches that begin to grow leaves as the days become a little longer and the sun shines a little more intensely. Inevitably, all this growth starts me thinking of spring cleaning not only our home, but other parts of my life that need a little decluttering and cleaning up.

We've only been in our new home for 4 months but believe me there are things to be done. I discovered after selling our first home that perhaps I am the only one who cleans the house from top to bottom (albiet through a paid contractor) for the new buyer and our new home has so much to be done. I've been cleaning out my closet, brainstorming ideas for new furniture to fit our new space, buying art to fill our walls and as always each spring, looking at myself and how I can clean up inside too. A new workout routine, a refreshing approach to nutrition and the almost impossible - learning to say no.

My mind is such a crazy quilt of thoughts at times and I began to realise last night that my Pinterest was beginning to appear a lot like a virtual look inside my mind. So many thoughts and so much going on that sometimes its hard to focus. I was a little horrified when I came to the food section of my pinning discovered over 100 pins. Pins of glorious, frilly cakes. Pins of cheese platters and bread boards. Its all calorie free viewing though so that has to be something :)