On the road, in New Zealand

It has been almost a month since we returned from New Zealand and found ourselves in limbo having sold our old home and waiting for our new home to become available. We are now just a week away from being able to move in and while I have loved staying with my parents while we've been patiently waiting for our new home, I can't wait to move in and start putting down roots. While we were travelling, I was mindful of hopefully capturing some images for us to put on the walls in our new home. I love browsing art and the thought of having a collective in our home is my dream although whenever I mention to Grant about buying a piece of art or a photograph, he responds with "What's wrong with your photos?". He'd rather be surrounded my art from our life rather than another artists. I hope to find a happy medium and hopefully, I'll be able to show you some of the progress as we decorate and begin to create our new house, a home.

These are some images I wanted to share as we travelled from Auckland to Havelock North which was our base for the wedding, and back up again. I took a leap of faith and shot completely on film, crossing my fingers that they would turn out and I am beyond pleased with the end result. This is the first of three posts that I have lined up of our trip. Soon, very soon, will be some wedding images that I captured on the day. I promise :)

All shot with Mamiya 645 with a mix of Kodak and Fuji film