Number 39 to Number 4

Finally, we are moving. Moving into our new home. Onto our new lives. Having been in limbo for over a month we are dying to get into our new place and settle down. While we were moving out of our old place back in April, I walked around with a roll of black and white film in my camera and documented some details. Just some things that I will be able to look back at when I think of our first home together - indulging in my sentimental nature. I'm not sad, but I wanted to remember and this is what photographs allow me to do. Remember more clearly.

I will remember the Christmas morning when Grant proposed to me on the couch. Lulu chewing on the walls and furniture as a puppy. Teaching Liam to ride his bike in the nearby park. Our first Christmas lunch we hosted for our family. The day Phoebe had her braces removed to reveal her new smile. My first attempt at a real vegetable garden. Sleeping with Lily when she had her eye operation and cried all night. Ben being given his first, real racing bike. The home in which I decided to quit my job and become a photographer.

I know our new home will create new memories and new moments for us to remember just as fondly and I can't wait to experience them. We have big plans for our new home and I hope to share a few on here as we make this house our home.

Shot with 400TX on the Mamiya 645