I’m alone in our rental house while everyone is off running errands, Grant is getting in a training ride still preparing for the Half Iron Man, the kids are no doubt being spoilt with hokey-pokey ice-cream by their grand-parents. I am supposed to be writing lists and crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s; ensuring we have taken care of everything we need to.

Instead I am listening to Al Green and Joss Stone and am distracted by the birds hopping in the long grass in the fruit orchard while foraging for their lunch.

Distracted by the inspiring, velvet-covered mountains of the Tuki Tuki Valley which are in view of the sunroom from where I am set up to work.

Distracted by the mooing of the cows in the paddocks above and below us.

Just distracted in general by the beauty of this near utopia.

It’s a nice distraction after spending the last couple of days driving around Hawke’s Bay finalising details. Taking a moment to breath and revel. My parents arrived last night and as we talked I realised how close we are to the wedding itself. Just 3 nights to be exact before we say “I do”.

I can’t think of a more perfect place for us to start our new life together.

I have been taking most of my photographs on this holiday on film, but here are a few I just took a moment ago which might help you realise my distraction.