OUR WEDDING : The Photographer


Once we announced our engagement, one of the first things people were asking me was "So! Who's going to be your photographer???" I have to admit, as a photographer I felt a little pressure when making this decision, let alone as a bride. It can be awfully easy to become overwhelmed with expectations and I come across so many amazing ideas and concepts daily that from the beginning I knew I just had to maintain a certain distance when making decisions. Fortunately, Grant gave me free reign to choose our photographer, trusting me completely with the task. I thought I might share some of my thoughts on how we came to rest on our photographer in the hope it may help others in their decision.

It was important to both of us that their style of photography should compliment our style of wedding. For example, it made no sense for us to retain a photographer who specialises in moody black and white images when I knew colour and light was going to be an important part of our day. Next, was that I needed to trust our photographer implicitly, without question. Despite being a photographer, I am not too comfortable in front of the camera so I needed to know that they would do everything within their power to have us at ease and capture us graciously and beautifully along with the raw emotion of the day. I also knew that I needed make a decision as soon as possible and I set a target of booking our photographer 12 months out from our wedding date because it was a destination wedding.

While I found many wonderfully talented photographers local to the area we are getting married, I felt like indulging my fantasies a little. As we are having a destination wedding, I felt I really had the world at my fingertips and it gave me a little more freedom to choose someone who perhaps otherwise may have just been a dream photographer and if we were married somewhere else, possibly not our photographer. While initially I was thinking that the budget may not be able to cope with my hopes, in the end my logic was to invest in a photographer I adore for a shorter amount of time, rather than a photographer whom I didn't love for a longer period of time.

So one day I took a leap of faith and sent an enquiry to a photographer whose work I have admired for such a long time. I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to have him be part of our wedding and in all honesty, I probably would have negotiated the sale of our first born child to have the opportunity for him to tell our story.

We are so thankful to have been able to invite Leo Patrone to capture our day. Leo's work is simply delicious and I could spend hours absorbing his images. His photography is ethereal, delicate and almost poetic as it tells a couples story of their wedding but it is not too serious. There is an organic, earthy feel to his work that makes my heart flutter and there is always an element of the environment evident too which is important to me. From the beginning I wasn't looking for a million portraits but an overall storytelling of the day and his details images are spectacular. Leo also has an amazing talent in his landscape photographs and considering a big part of choosing our wedding location was its landscape, this was incredibly important. At the end of the day, I simply adore how Leo views the world through his camera and wanted his point of view on our wedding day.

I was beyond thrilled when we finally locked it all in and I can now call him our wedding photographer. Here are just some of my favourite images by Leo. All images Leo Patrone