Hyde Park Wedding - Caitlyn and Simon

Caitlyn and Simon met inadvertently about 5 years ago. Cait's friend was kind enough to approach Simon's boss and get Simon's phone number because he was too good looking to pass up even though she was dating someone else. So being the good friend she is, she passed Simon's number onto Cait and after a few flirty texts as Cait says, "things just fell into place". Simon and Cait's relationship feels like one that was meant to be. You know the ones where you can't remember life before your lover and best friend and can't imagine a future without them? That's how I felt the entire day I spent with them and their family. It was meant to be. I am in awe of Caitlyn's organisation skills and hope a little will rub off on me. Cait managed to plan their entire wedding via email and eBay (so her sisters tell me). In fact her sisters bridesmaid's dresses were sourced from eBay. Apparently while planning the wedding she became the eBay Queen!

Their wedding was so beautiful from start to finish and I remember how just after they had been announced husband and wife, a light breeze of wind came through and the tiny flowers from the tree above their ceremony site began to shower to the ground becoming instant confetti. It was a magical moment. I was so excited for their wedding for a number of reasons and was so pleased my new camera, the 5D Mark II, arrived just the day before and I could use it to help document their day.

Simon and Cait are from my home town in the Pilbara and they definitely brought with them the relaxed feel country people are known for. They are friends with my friends and I felt so very much at home with them and their family. I was a more than little sad because the day ended much too quickly and I wasn't able to spend more time with them.

Big thank you to Claire for helping me out and being chief child wrangler xo

Getting Ready/Reception: Assured Ascot Quays Hair: Maurice Mead Makeup Artist: Addicted to Glamour Wedding gown: Tuscany Bridal Wedding venue: Hyde Park, Leederville

Simon and Caitlyn stayed at the Assured Ascot Quays which undoubtedly have the most gorgeous views of the city and the river.

I just love this moment of anticipation captured by my assistant Claire.

I can only hope I look as radiant and as beautiful as Catilyn on my own wedding day. I mean, seriously.

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