The best. day. ever.

I sat on the beach watching him jumping in and over and through the waves. From every angle conceivable - he would attempt to enter the ocean in a new way each time. In between his jumps his gaze would wander towards me to see that I was watching and he'd give me an enthusiastic wave as if to remind me of how much fun he was really having. My nephew never fails to bring joy into my life and today was certainly no different. I am ashamed to admit that even though we live just 10 minutes from the beach, I don't visit very often. Its a shame because I feel so at home near the ocean with the sand between my toes and my hair being whipped around my face. I remembered my doctor telling me recently that I'm a little deficient in vitamin D, so I considered it doctors orders to blow off the afternoon and soak up some warmth on the beach (with sunscreen and a hat of course). So in between reading short paragraphs of my book as I felt the warm sun on my arms and legs, I would glance up to see Liam bounding through the waves, rolling down the sand dunes and just simply having a whale of a time.

As Liam and I left the beach, Liam told me how today was like his birthday. First off he got to ride his bike, then he played at the park and then he got to play video games and go to the beach, "It was the best day ever!". He is so exhausted he couldn't even eat his dinner but is doing his best to keep his eyes open to watch Night at the Museum 2 before being forced off to bed.

I couldn't help but laugh when he stripped off for his shower when we got home and I saw this mess on the floor. This is the perfect evidence of just how much fun he had and how much fun I had watching him. He didn't complain once of having half a kilogram of sand in his Speedos.