Pieces of Lulu

She is my shadow. Following me from place to place, especially when it is just us in the house. I'm not sure if its a security for her, for for me. But I like it. Knowing she is watching me. She has very selective hearing. She can hear a packet of dog treats rustling from 3 rooms away but can't hear me call her name to come when I want her. When she's naughty she just has to look up at me with those deep brown eyes and then paw at my leg and I forgive her.

When we come home she half barks, half howls at us. As if to tell us "Its about time you got home!" and she is no longer having to tell Lily off for her antics. She won't stop until you give her a hug . . . or some food.

My favourite time in the morning is when Grant opens the door and the girls flood in. I spend 5 minutes just playing with her before starting my day while still laying in bed.

I love how she stretches herself out completely while sleeping, perhaps to prove she needs the couch space and the dog bed is just too small. I love how she sees my lap as being her designated seat in the evening as we share a snack of almonds together.

She expects to be introduced to all my guests and will often fall asleep in my client's lap while we talk weddings. I've had to stop many-a-client from taking her home.

We take long walks with Lily and Grant and I watch her nose crinkle into overtime as she samples the sights and smells in the neighborhood. My favourite part is letting her off lead near the lake to munch on some grass and lazily, almost without purpose, saunter towards the magpies to try to scare them away.

She's my little fluffy girl and I can't remember life before her, and can't bear to imagine life after her.