Invitations and hire chairs, oh my!

My mind is in wedding overload. We are coming up to the 6 month mark and I feel that the past 6 months have flown by so fast and that we haven't gotten any further than when we set the date. Unbelievably, the task of hiring chairs is fast becoming a task of epic proportions but we have a wonderful wedding planner doing the leg work for us in New Zealand so I know we are in good hands. My latest task is trying to sort through the hundreds of cut outs from magazines that I have all over my coffee table to remember why I tore it out in the first place and deciding on how we can take that idea and make it our own. Its interesting to see how our visions have changed since we began the journey and I am excited to see it all come together. Just yesterday we approved our invitations and stationery for printing and they are going to look incredible. I am so very pleased we have decided to have them professionally done even though I was ready to put my Martha Stewart pearl earrings in and stun the world with my creativity. I just know they are going to be wonderful and much better than I could have ever done, or had the time to do.

I have to admit I am enjoying the process. Its such fun to look at all these beautiful ideas and weddings as we craft our own - not a hard job to do at all. On another note, my engagement ring has been stored for safe keeping as it keeps falling off because I have lost a little weight. A delightful dilemma to have although I still have a way to go to achieve my goal.