Caversham House Wedding - Amanda and Kingsley

There is something intangible about the rituals and iconic moments that a bride goes through on her wedding day. Putting on her gown. Walking down the aisle. Kissing her husband for the first time. These are things that nearly every bride experiences and yet each time I witness them they are entirely different than the bride before. When I saw Amanda for the first time on her wedding day just last Friday, she had a serene smile on her face as she welcomed me into her parents home. She quietly and gracefully moved from room to room as she helped her bridesmaids get ready and then began with the anticipation of getting ready herself.

Elegance and grace are two words I would use to describe not only Amanda but also the entire wedding celebration she crafted for herself and Kingsley. Kingsley's groomsmen confirmed this when they declared that Amanda is a rarity today as she is a genuine lady. Gracefully floating through the room and having a certain je ne sais quois quality. A perfect compliment for Kingsley and his larger than life personality. I can remember an overwhelming feeling of love and respect from their friends and family as the celebrated their wedding at Caversham House. It was a location that I had been so excited to finally shoot at having heard so many amazing things about the location.

During one point of the day I remember remarking to them both that we could have been at a chateau in the south of France rather than in the Swan Valley - it was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Bon chance, mes amis! The future holds nothing but incredible things for you both.

Huge thanks for Makeup by Jaye and Jac Taylor for helping Amanda look even more gorgeous than she usually is and to Letitia of Kiss Chasey for the stunning bouquets and boutonnieres.