The fruits of my labour

Oh internet, where shall I begin? This past week has been beautiful in so many ways, all accumulating in my being in Sydney to attend a workshop with the fabulous Jasmine Star. This trip ended up being my own little pilgrimage as I took the time to listen to my inner voice and begin to live my life and approach my work with a new zest. I am very aware that I have been living a blessed life and I am also aware that it could be taken from me at any time. Spending time with Jasmine has encouraged me to jump head first into my life and not to hesitate in my decisions. As I enter my third year in business as a professional lifestyle photographer, the next few months are expected to be busy with me coming to the end of a number of projects and beginning a few new ones that I am so looking forward to sharing. I have invested alot of time and effort over the past few years into my business and bettering myself as a photographer which has sacrificed alot of my time as a partner, daughter, sister and friend and the time has come to sit back for just a moment and reflect, reassess and move forward. The fruits of my labour in my business have been rewarding and there is more to come in the next few months. However I can't wait to have more personal fulfillment as I invest time back into my loved ones and encourage them to pursue their own happiness and passion just as they have with mine.

In other fruits of my labour, these little glistening rubies were waiting for me in my modest vegetable garden when I returned home from my trip. The first harvest of the summer. They are small, but they make me smile from ear to ear.