Following the rules

When we decorated a living room recently, I invested way too much money in a custom ottoman upholstered in a beautiful chenille fabric. I had plans for this beautiful piece of furniture in our small, modest room as a feature piece. The room and layout I wanted wasn't big enough for additional chairs, so the ottoman seemed like a perfect choice. As it turns out, it has been an extremely good investment as a dog bed. Trying to discourage the dogs from being on the (yet to be scotch-guarded) couch, I encouraged them sit on the ottoman instead and before I knew it -- it became their permanent resting place. It is right behind me as I work and perhaps the closest place to me without sleeping at my feet on the cool tiles. It is the perfect vantage point for viewing out the window without being told off for jumping on the couch and of course, is extremely comfortable for a 10kg canine. I have to admit, I like being able to hear Lily breathing deeply as she dreams. Perhaps not so happy when she lets "fluffy off the leash" as it is so affectionately termed in our house. This girl can evacuate a room, quick smart.

So here is a little celebration of my little Lily for following the rules and always staying on her très expensive dog bed and knowing the couch is out of bounds. I will not however, be posting photo evidence of Lulu ignoring the rules as always and claiming the couch as her own. No sir. The girl is 40cm long but can take up a 3 seat lounge like no-one else.