A year in review

Two thousand and nine. I began this year with hope and peace in my heart at my decision to leave the corporate world behind me and pursue my passion. Photography was calling to me and as I look back over my years work I feel I made the right decision. It has been a hard journey, one that is often fraught with self-doubt but I remain sure that the images I am crafting are making the world, and my clients lives, just a little tiny bit more beautiful.

I am proud to now call myself an artist as I felt I was unable to before. I am finding my feet as a photographer and have gained the confidence to be more experimental in my approach to my work. I have learnt to follow my instincts and they will usually pay off. I see the world with an artists eye and am now documenting weddings and life honestly with this viewpoint. I can see how my work has evolved and how my journey to develop my own style is continuing to evolve with it as I follow my heart.

I set out this year with a goal of documenting 10 weddings. I have surpassed with a total of 12 wonderful clients that opened their hearts and welcomed me into their lives to document their declarations to each other. I am pleased to report that a few of these couples are expecting new additions to their family in 2010 which makes me so happy for them. There are also my portraiture clients (20 of you) who allowed me into their homes to document their lives and their relationships which I am so grateful.

2010 is looking to be just as beautiful, if not more than 2009. The next 6 months will see me document another 5 weddings, travel to Sydney for a photographers workshop, open my residential gallery to my clients and begin the planning stages of our own wedding we are scheduling for April 2011. I am developing a new found respect for my brides (and grooms!) and the effort and time they invest in crafting a wedding.

In the meantime, my resolution for 2010 is to make each day more beautiful than the one before. I have plans to refine my currently mediocre french, experiment more in the kitchen and enjoy the small moments that make life beautiful. I have a couple of other personal goals which I will wait just a little longer to share.

Happy new year!









The following four weddings were just this month and I will share them over the next few months. The last two were actually in the last 4 days so they are very hot off the press :)