Romantic couples portraits in Chelsea, London

I have been so excited to share this romantic couples portraits in Chelsea, London. People often ask me if I have a favourite place to photograph and my honest answer is I don’t but I think in hindsight my favourite place to shoot is somewhere new. It gives me a challenge to think differently not […]

Aug 21, 2018


How to be quicker at responding to emails

Being quicker at responding to emails to emails is something everyone wants to achieve – no matter how productive we are. I love finding smarter ways to do every day things and emails are certainly one of those things that can always be improved upon. As I recently revised my procedures and workflows, I also […]

Jul 31, 2018


Laugh, breathe, dance (Matt’s battle with Cystic Fibrosis)

When I first met Kaila and Matt I was so amazed by their love story that all started when they were both battling Cystic Fibrosis as children at Princess Margaret Hospital. As they got older they saw different specialists in different hospitals but one day Kaila reached out to Matthew one day on Facebook to ask […]

Jul 25, 2018


20 things to do when business is slow

While being a wedding photographer is definitely seasonal for the photography part, there is so much that can be done during the slow season to help set up your business for success in the next. This is the time to be reviewing, revising and refining so many aspects that often get lost in the busy […]

Jul 10, 2018


Wedding Portraits at the Blue Boat House in Crawley

Angela and Tom always wanted to do their wedding portraits at the Blue Boat House in Crawley but as its an infamously windy location it is something I usually ask my clients to put on the “maybe” list, pending the weather. As it turned out, Angela and Tom had the mildest winters day weather for […]

Jul 6, 2018


A family backyard wedding celebration in Byford

Stacey and Clint’s backyard wedding celebration has been near to my heart for a long time. Not only are they from my hometown in the Pilbara but I photographed Stacey’s sisters wedding almost 8 years ago which is when I first really got to know their family. Over the years we’ve kept in touch and […]

Jul 4, 2018


Limited Edition Fine Art Print

It is with much excitement that I announce the Fine Art Print Shop where my personal photography work is now available to purchase for your very own home. Since I discovered photography and then began experimenting with film photography, my travel photography was elevated to another level and I have enjoyed capturing these images for my own personal collection. […]

Jun 27, 2018


A summer wedding at Masonmill Gardens, Carmel

I had been looking forward to Emily and Josh’s summer wedding at Masonmill Gardens in Carmel for quite a while. Being able to photograph amongst nature is my happy place and Masonmill Gardens didn’t disappoint at all with their seasonal gardens. The weather was absolutely perfect with blue skies and fluffy clouds and I loved […]

Jun 21, 2018