Lily and Lulu


These two beautiful creatures have been part of our life for over 12 years. They came to us as 8 and 9 week old puppies all the way from Queensland and at first glance were like chalk and cheese; the soft and delicate Lulu and the boisterous, bouncy Lily. Over time we found that like most great relationships, it’s the opposites that attract and they became fast friends and sisters.

They were with us as we began our new life in our first family home and then in our next (and current) home. They were there as our kids grew up from children into adults and more recently attended our daughters wedding last year. Lulu was always ready to be cuddled and bring comfort to you and Lily looked up at you as if you were the most important person in the world. They witnessed our successes and failures and no matter how the world was treating us, we could count on them to make the day end on a high note.

Then our world shifted as we said goodbye to Lily, our Boston Terrier on 23rd March. She had been very ill since last winter and after a lot of tests the vets still couldn’t quite put their finger on what was wrong with her. We finally made peace with the decision to let her go and on her last day she swam in the pool (her favourite pastime), ate chicken wings and treats and had so many cuddles as we said goodbye to her.

Unbelievably this week, just one month after Lily went, we also lost our sweet Lulu. Lulu had heart trouble for almost 3 years and we knew that her time was limited but all of a sudden once Lily was gone, her health went downhill and fast. On Monday we found she had gone into renal failure, a side affect of all her heart medication, and there was little that could be done. She couldn’t eat and she had little energy and when I took her to the vet this week to start a course of treatment to help her kidneys, we realised how bleak her prognosis was and in that moment we made the decision to let her go.

In losing them both so quickly, there isn’t a Lily and Lulu size hole in our life but rather a blast sized crater. Every shadow makes us do a double take and at the end of the day, we look for them to cuddle on the couch as we have for the past 12 years. I know it will take time to adjust but for now we are finding peace in thinking of them together again and remembering how lucky we were to have such beautiful friends, in fur.


This time of year is usually filled with the last of the album orders being placed from weddings held in the last few months and then receiving albums from weddings from September to December. Receiving an album is always the best part of my week and nothing is better than a parcel waiting to be unwrapped when I know what is inside.

Since I started my business over 7 years ago my approach has always been the same with albums; simple and clean layouts of beautiful photographs that allow you to go back in time to one of the best days of your life. Anna and Glenn’s album was kept extra simple with a white cover and black embossed logo that was used in their stationery and even on their dance floor so to see it all come together was truly the icing on the wedding cake. 

Aquanis College Wedding - Jenna & Brett

Jenna and Brett are such a down to earth couple. They are so cool and relaxed and I loved that even on their wedding day they were exactly as they were when we met in the past. Brett and Jenna told me that one of their favourite things to do is camp with family down south and while away in Gracetown one weekend as they were sitting on the back of their ute enjoying a picnic and watching the sunset, Brett got down on one knee and proposed to Jenna. You see, I told you. Relaxed and cool. My kind of people. 

They chose to celebrate at The Blue Duck which was a nod to their love of the ocean and then brought the outdoors in with lots of greenery in their decorations. Paying homage to their mutual Italian heritage, a sumptuous family style feast was shared with their guests before the dance floor opened. I love it when couples truly honour their own personalities and heritage in their celebration and Jenna and Brett did it perfectly. Congratulations Jenna and Brett!

07 Angela Higgins Perth Wedding Photographer.jpg

Wedding Gown: Dion for Brides // Hair Stylist: Kayla Marshall // Makeup Artist: Jacqui Bradfield Makeup // Bridesmaids Gowns: Brides Selection // Florist: Zinnia Floral Designs // Ceremony Venue: Aquanis College // Reception Venue: The Blue Duck, Cottesloe // Cake Artist: Verlena Cakes // Stationery: D&D Letterpress


Welcome! I am so enthusiastic for this new chapter in my life and my business that it is hard to sit still. In fact I kind of want to just say "HERE YOU GO!" and let you explore the new site but I have so much to tell you.

This statement alone is amusing as last year I essentially lost my voice. I experienced a life changing moment and began to question everything in my life as I examined what was important and what was expendable. With so many thoughts running through my mind I didn't know where to start when I sat at the keyboard to blog or even share something on social media ... so I just didn't. 

During this time I began to assess my role as a wedding photographer and why I do it. When I was given the possibility of not being a professional photographer anymore, I became ravenous for it. I realised it was my purpose to serve others and bring them joy and the tool I do this through is wedding photography. I can encourage couples as they prepare for marriage and all the craziness that comes with it. I can capture their first day as husband and wife with sincerity and help them create a legacy for their own family through photographs. It was in this moment of inner contemplation that I realised it is not about me, but about others and how I can help them. 

All the way back when I photographed my first wedding in 2009 my focus was on providing beautiful photographs for my clients and an incredible level of customer service. I have come back to this place of offering an unparalleled client experience that goes beyond beautiful photographs. Its hard to put in words but I came across a quote from Eve Arnold (one of my favourite photographers) who said "If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument." This is my mantra as I begin to offer new services and find ways to make other peoples days brighter.

So today (which is also my birthday!) I hope you'll come along on this journey with me. Please have a poke around and experience the new site that shares more of my heart than ever before. Some parts I especially love is the new wedding gallery page and words from my wonderful clients in particular. Oh and don't forget to sign up to my mailing list where you'll receive tips from me on figuring out how much wedding photography you actually need. Have a lovely Friday!

Gwelup Secret Garden Engagement Session

It was almost 6 years ago that I took a photo of Olivia and Martin as they enjoyed cocktail hour at their friends Priya and Scott’s wedding. Priya gave a copy of the photograph to Olivia and all these years later when Olivia and Martin became engaged, Olivia contacted me immediately to see if I was available for their wedding this May. Um, YES PLEASE!!!

I was thrilled to spend time with them recently for their engagement session at Gwelup Secret Garden and got to know them better and learn of their love story.

6 years

Happy anniversary husband! It was time last year that we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary at a quiet little restaurant down the road from our apartment in Montemarte, Paris. We knew that something wasn't right with my health, but we celebrated nonetheless because our 5th year of marriage meant a lot to us. In those 5 years since our wedding we bought a new house and a new business, you changed careers, our daughter got engaged (and is now married) and our son graduated high school. So many life changing events in a 5 year period that our life together deserved to be celebrated.

Our 6th year of marriage however has taught me more than I ever thought possible about relationships and in particular, marriage. You've shown me through your actions that our vows were more than words to you as you nursed me through sickness and encouraged me onwards in the midst of uncertainty and became even more selfless than you were before. On the many nights I cried myself to sleep, you would hold me close and whisper to me that everything will be ok and during the day were constantly at my side for anything I needed.

I never thought it was possible to love you more than I did in that moment we stood on a mountain top 6 years ago, but after this past year I feel my heart will explode for the amount of love it carries for you. A thousand times over, Je t'aime mon cherie.

Winery wedding at aravina estate, yallingup

Rebecca and Chris’ friends had been pestering them for years about getting married. They were comfortable living their life in the Pilbara so there was no rush and while they both knew they would make their relationship official one day; it was just a matter of when.

Eventually one afternoon as they sat on their balcony overlooking the Karratha landscape and played a board game, Chris quietly brought out a ring box from behind him and asked Bec to marry him. Rebecca was so surprised and was crying and laughing and shaking all at once but eventually found the words to accept his proposal with an elated heart.

I was thrilled to photograph Rebecca and Chris’ wedding at Aravina Estate last month and can still recall Rebecca’s expression as she looked upwards towards her new husband as one of pure joy and love. With family travelling from all over the world, they made everyones dreams come true as they became husband and wife against a backdrop of grapevines.

Hair Stylist: Hair by Ruby May // Makeup Artist: Donna The Makeup Artist // Wedding Gown: Karen Willis Holmes // Event Designer & Florals: Aisle Style // Stationery: Paper Elephant // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Aravina Estate // Photography: Angela Higgins

Relaxed riverside wedding at Matilda Bay

It was with delight that I was able to photograph Donna and Kim as they got married last month. I can vividly remember the cheers from their guests as they arrived together and walked down the aisle hand in hand and even more cheers as they were declared husband and wife. Their guests were also treated to live entertainment from Kim’s son’s band Belgrade which was so much fun!

Before they got married however we met for some quiet portraits at their new home which was a lovely way to start their marriage together. Congratulations Donna and Kim!

Florals: Stemsational // Furniture Hire: Pompette Events //  // Venue: Matilda Bay Restaurant