Hi, I’m Angela

but you can call me Ange or Angie if you like! I'm a wife to Grant, step mother to Ben and Phoebe and a lover of matcha lattes, 50’s musicals and the perfect red fingernail (Chanel Coquelicot is my favourite, by the way).

I have been photographing weddings and families since 2009, and during this time have become sought after for my fresh, modern and timeless photography that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary and my tailored photography experience offered to my clients. 

I am an entrepreneur at heart and regularly host workshops to equip small business owners with branding techniques so they can make their businesses work harder for them and they have more time to do what they love.

When I’m not photographing weddings you can find me tending to my garden or cooking up a storm in the kitchen for my family and friends while singing along to Ella Fitzgerald.




My philosophy is simple as we create beautiful yet true-to-life photographs in a fun and relaxed setting. I'm not going to ask you to stare off into the distance blankly with melancholy, but instead we'll laugh and walk and talk as l give you direction with posing and positioning that is fluid and organic rather than static and restrictive.

Even before your wedding day, we will begin to get to know one another so I can photograph your day the way YOU want. I will take the time to understand how you are together - as some couples love PDA's and others are more quiet and reserved. I will offer support and advice and aim to provide exceptional customer service to make your day better; whether it is your wedding day or simply a Thursday. 

On your wedding day, we'll have fun. I'll be your photographer, dress-fluffer, makeup checker, girl Friday and confidante amongst other roles as I aim to help you celebrate your first day of marriage with complete joy. Having photographed weddings for the past 7 years, there is little I haven't seen or experienced and I am proud to have offered an unparalleled client experience no matter what is thrown our way. 




1. When I was 16 I went on student exchange to Reunion Island (a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar) and soon after became a fully fledged Francophile. 

2. I can’t watch a movie without reading up on trivia on IMDB at the same time. I love random movie facts like discovering that George Lucas was sure "Star Wars: A New Hope" would flop so he skipped the premiere and went to Hawaii with Steven Spielberg where they came up with the concept for "Raiders of the Lost Ark". What!!

3.  I am saved through grace through faith, Ep 2:8 

4. My happy place is a bookstore. Or garden nursery. Or listening to the rain fall. Or the beach. I have many happy places.

5. The best piece of marriage advice I received is that marriage is not about finding the right person but about being the right person.

6. I accidentally became a collector of blue and white crockery, French cookbooks and salts. Yes salts. My favourite at the moment is a smoked salt brought in Paris.

7. The best part of working from home is doing a face mask while editing. 

8. My favourite movie is Rear Window. Grace Kelly is luminous, Hitchcock is genius and Jimmy Stewart fends off a murderer with his camera flash. So much to love!

9. I am a night owl desperate to become an early bird.

10. My gap year after high school was spent singing in a band in pubs and clubs in the Pilbara. Now I have a fantasy that I'll be photographing a wedding and the wedding singer will be unable to perform and I'll have to step in and save the day.