When I first began my journey as a professional photographer, I was going to photograph families, kids and dogs. That was the dream!

Now I couldn’t imagine not photographing weddings but I still love the opportunity to capture genuine relationships with families and especially kids. I’ve gathered some techniques over the years to get genuine smiles and have lots of fun and thought I’d share them with you – perfect for this time of year!

When it comes to photographing children (whether they are your own or someone elses), I think its important to remember that kids are smart. They know if you are there for fun or for work so you need to firstly, make it fun and become a little childish yourself to get them on your side.

Play games, tell fart jokes, allow them to do things that they normally couldn’t do (such as jumping on the bed) and in these moments you’ll find opportunities for beautiful, authentic smiles. Just keep the camera at the ready and snap away as they appear.

I also suggest that you keep kids photo sessions limited to short bursts to allow them the chance to let loose before bringing them back to the session. Once I know I’ve gotten some good photos I might ask them to have a running race or show me who can do the best cartwheel (always with my camera ready) and its a break for them in looking at me and the camera but still allows for great photos.

If you’d like to get a few more tips I recently did a Facebook Live on this very topic and you can find out my top 6 tips for photographing kids – just in time for Christmas!

Dec 10, 2018

Top tips for photographing kids