When I first picked up a camera, I thought the best photo was all about the background and the people in front of it – and yes, this meant I often had people looking into the sun!

Little did I know how much the light mattered and as a natural light photographer, the time of day obviously makes a difference to how my clients photographs turn out.

In photography you may have heard of something called the Golden Hour which is universally the best time of day for beautifully lit photographs. Its the hour before sunset as the sun gets closer to the horizon and the light is softer, golden if there are clear skies and soft pink if there are clouds which can help for beautiful skin tones.

When I arrange a portrait session I will often make sure it happens in the last 90 minutes of the day. This means we typically get 20-30 minutes of brighter photos as the sun is higher at the beginning of the session but then towards the end, we have soft skies and even lighting which not only brings about beautiful skin tones but also means I creatively, can photograph in any direction as there are no shadows.

I recently shared a short video outlining my methodology when choosing the perfect time for photos for that beautiful light but I also have another time of day for photos that is equally as good as sunset (sometimes even more so!) so feel free to check it out and let me walk you through it!

Dec 19, 2018

The best time for portrait photos