I’ll be the first to admit that my life doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would when I quit my desk job and started my photography business in 2008. As I walked out the door I bragged to my colleagues how I’d be making a healthy lunch each day, wouldn’t have a vending machine to tempt me and would exercise every day before starting work in my ideal world. Oh silly Angela!

After 10 years of working from home for myself, let me tell you friend that things don’t happen without a plan. Just because I wanted it, didn’t mean things happened on their own and I learned that early on if I didn’t start my day with intention and purpose, there was no safety net for me. There is a current trend for batch scheduling which I used to call Block Scheduling where I’d set aside a block of time for me to accomplish a task or a category of tasks such as content creation and this has been invaluable in being able to keep on top of my multiple roles as a small business owner and solo-preneur.

Because I love it so much and its been invaluable in growing my business, I’ve created a freebie just for you that is my actual weekly batch schedule and you can download it HERE

I truly hope this was interesting and useful to you and if you’d like to learn more about how I create boundaries between this intense work schedule and having a life, join me tomorrow Wednesday 11th April on Facebook for a live chat at 3pm Perth time!


Apr 10, 2018

My weekly batching schedule