I’ll wager that you have heard of the term Marketing Calendar, Editorial Calendar or Content Calendar more than a few times. From my perspective having a marketing/editorial calendar is imperative to allow me to see at a glance what blog posts and mailing list emails I have coming up that need to be created and how I can support those posts with other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

In addition to my marketing calendar I also use a WordPress plugin to manage my blog posts and content along with Planoly for Instagram and all three work together to automate my business where possible and allow me to be deliberate and purposeful with the content I put out there.

So how do you start a Marketing Calendar?


You could use an Excel spreadsheet or use a program like Asana or Trello to help you see what is coming up. My preference is seeing it at a glance like a calendar but you might prefer a list format. 


I use 4 main areas for marketing and that is my blog, mailing list, Instagram and Facebook. Now each of these have different additional methods within them (ie, Instagram post, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live) and I also try to differentiate between those. The most important thing is to respect the platform you are on, not to regurgitate the same information at the same time on each platform and to CONNECT with people!


How many times each week/month are you going to commit to blogging? To your mailing list? To Instagram stories? Don’t skip this step as it is vital to ensure that you are consistent with your audience.

Until now, I have shared a blog post each Tuesday based on something informative, ie, wedding or photography tips, a personal post to help people get to know me or a business related post (like this one!). This year I am changing that to 1 blog post for fortnight as I focus my efforts elsewhere to really connect with my audience on a personal level through my mailing list or Instagram/Facebook Live. Whatever you do, make it something you can be consistent with. My other goals are to use Instagram stories once a day but that it should be useful and my mailing list goes out once a week.


Now that you have your platform, your preferred marketing methods and how often you’ll share to them, you can start to brainstorm some topics. I have a running document that is categorised into Weddings, Business, Personal/Lifestyle and Photography which are the 4 main categories that I blog under and share on my social media platforms and I try to keep it on an even rotation as I have an audience that is varied.


Now you have all this information you need to get it on the calendar so you know when it will be shared/posted and more importantly, when you need to have the content created by. I personally like to colour code my calendar so I can see what is happening easily. As you can see I am using more video/photos on Instagram because that is what the platform is for while the blog is an article. 

I always try to work 3-4 weeks in advance so right now I am working on content for late March. The main content I create in advance is photographs for content on social media or the blog and copy for blog posts or mailing list. The rest is fairly organic but I have a rough idea of what I want to share each day based on the week. Here is what a week of content might look like when I am sharing content about healthy food and meals. Keep in mind that I have a separate planner used for Instagram posts so I don’t include them in this list but will refer to my content calendar when planning out my Instagram posts.

I hope this has been helpful! Now get out there and create your Marketing Calendar!

Feb 20, 2018

How to create a marketing calendar