I often warn my clients that once they become part of my tribe, we may well become life long friends. I can see this happening with Josh and Zoe as each time we see each other or talk via email, its as though we’ve been friends already for years even though I only met them a few months ago.

As Perth was on the cusp of spring just a few weeks ago we met for their engagement session at Hyde Park and then finally at City Beach as we watched the most magical sunset. One of my favourite excuses for an engagement session is the fact that when you are planning a wedding its easy to get caught up in the logistics and you stop spending quality time with each other in lieu of guests lists, budgets and to-do lists.

As we watched the sunset over the water, I pulled back for a moment and just let Josh and Zoe soak up this unique time in their lives and the wonder of the future before them. I know its going to be amazing!

Oct 11, 2017

Perth Engagement Photos