I truly love being a business owner but the one drawback of being a solo-preneur is the rotating roles that you have to take on. Other than being a photographer I am also the marketing manager, creative director, bookkeeper, website tech guru, blogger, email marketer, course and training developer, social media manager, errand runner, album designer, photo editor …. The list really does go on!

In addition to this I also work a few days a week in our other business so I have to be extremely efficient with my time and have had to delegate certain parts of my business to automation and outsourcing in order to meet my deadlines, keep each client feeling as though they are important and perhaps most of all, keeping me sane. Its simply impossible to do everything and while I am the most frugal business person I know, I also know that I am not the best at everything so I should get support in those areas to free up my time to do the things I’m good at.

This morning I shared my smart business systems for efficiency and automation in my business with my mailing list insiders and in addition to that, I wanted to share with you the 3 things you should absolutely outsource today (if you aren’t already) to get back to what you do best. These aren’t expensive and don’t require additional staff but are perfect for the solo-preneur.


Unless you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant that is now a photographer, this is the first thing you should outsource. Not only are you going to get great business advice but you’ll have someone watching those BAS deadlines and advising on the next step financially for your business growth. I currently use Xero for my bookkeeping which allows me to reconcile my expenses (or make notes for my accountant to do it for me if I’m busy) and as its cloud-based we can access it at all times no matter where I am in the world.


If you aren’t using online backups in some form you are missing out on one of the easiest automations in my opinion. I have a system that automates my entire system to back-up photos and files to a safe, mirrored server so I don’t have to think about doing it (this includes my cloud based storage such as Dropbox). And yes, I have had my hard drives fail on me but all I had to do was click a button and a hard drive was sent to me with all of my files to install on my new computer.


A few years ago I really did believe that editing was a non-negotiable that I had to do myself. I mean, taking the photograph is only one part of the creation process right? Wrong! I tried a few different editing companies and found that after spending some time with them really vocalising what I wanted to see as an end result I was able to hand that responsibility over and freed up my time for other things.

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Oct 17, 2017

3 things to outsource in your business today