Having never really thought about it before, I thought I’d see if I could find out how many weddings I had photographed since 2009 when I became a Wedding Photographer. It turns out its been over 150 weddings which blows my mind! To think that that many couples have trusted me with their wedding memories is so humbling and has pretty much made my week.

After all these years there are few things I haven’t seen on a wedding day or experienced. Being a wedding photographer means that you have to roll with the punches and get the job done no matter the circumstances and one thing I ensured from the beginning was that I would never bring stress or worry to my Bride’s wedding day. No matter what happened on the day or even what had happened in the week leading up the wedding in my personal life, I would make an effort to protect them from it on their wedding day to ensure their first day as husband and wife is as great as it can be. Here are just a few things I’ve encountered over the years.

  • The wedding when I was bitten by a dog but to this day my client doesn’t know.
  • The wedding where I had a coughing fit right as the vows were being declared and I thanked God for auto focus (and always carry cough lozenges with me at a wedding now)
  • The wedding when my couple were enjoying post ceremony cocktails with their guests that we ended up with just 10 minutes for photographs
  • The wedding where I was given the wrong ceremony address and literally jumped out of the car as the bride arrived at the church. I was so thankful I had an assistant that day so I didn’t have to worry about parking the car
  • The 6 months I shot weddings with my prescription contact lenses in the wrong eyes!!
  • The wedding I had to photograph the day after I was told I might have ovarian cancer
  • The wedding when my camera decided it wanted to stop working so I grabbed my assistant’s camera just in time for the first kiss
  • The wedding(s) when it rained torrential rain and there were heavy clouds in the sky but I still managed to find the light and provide signature images for my clients
  • The wedding when I left my wide angle lens at the Bride’s getting ready location so I bought a new lens on the way to the wedding so I could photograph the church properly (this was before I had an assistant who is now responsible for making sure we pack everything up before leaving)
  • The wedding when I got heat stroke and had to stop working or I would have surely fainted (my Bride and Groom were so gracious and I had a rockin’ assistant who took over for me)
  • The wedding where everyone spoke Indonesian and only the Bride and Groom spoke english (on this day I realised that a constant smile is a necessity for a wedding photographer)

I’ve learned so much over the years and made many mistakes but one thing I have learned is that when things do go wrong (and they will) I will continue to make sure that my Bride and Groom’s wedding day is the best day of their life.

May 5, 2017

When things go wrong at a wedding