To say it was a perfect spring day when Anna and Glenn tied the knot in their Perth Quarry wedding is an understatement. The weather in Perth through spring had been so unpredictable but on that particular day, the skies were blue and the temperature was simply perfect. I loved watching their day unfold before me with so many special moments such as when Anna’s dad saw her for the first time, their pageboys and flowergirls stealing the show and their grand entrance into the reception that somehow turned into their first dance and last but not least, THAT GOWN!

It was on a recommendation from her daughter Taylor that Anna and Glenn booked me for their wedding. Taylor has been following me on Instagram for a couple of years and when her mum got engaged she told her that she had the perfect photographer in mind. I am so glad that I was able to capture this new chapter of their lives and know that we’ll be keeping in touch for many years to come.

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Wedding Gown: Pallas Couture // Makeup Artist: Cat Elizabeth Artistry // Hair Stylist: Grace Delborello // Florist: Manic Botanic // Officiant: Select Celebrants // Cake Artist: The Glory Box // Stationery: Felicitations // Venue: Quarry Amphitheatre // Entertainment: The Summer Club Band

Nov 21, 2016

Perth Quarry Wedding