Paris, in the gloriousness of spring time.

Our trip to Paris began as grey skies flanked by grey buildings being shielded by dark and bare branches. As we explored the city though, we discovered small pockets of spring throughout with burst of colour and flavour. I’m sure Grant got tired of my exclamations of bright red strawberries and spring bulbs and the most amazing yellow flowering shrubs. Every restaurant we visited had new season asparagus on its menu for entree and one dessert of strawberries sprinkled with sugar took my back to my childhood and was better than any dessert I had ever had before.

Nature has always helped me feel closer to God and this was a new level of awareness as each corner we turned reminded me of the earth that He painted and breathed into light and the ongoing promise that the world keeps on turning and the beauty of spring will always come after the cold and dark winter.

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May 13, 2016

Paris in spring