I was over the moon to have been welcomed into their lives to photograph their first day as husband and wife in their elegant Acqua Viva wedding photographs. We had an incredibly wet afternoon but there were moments when the sun peeked through the clouds and then in the final moments of daylight, we were greeted with a rainbow as we arrived to their reception. It doesn’t get much better than that.

There are some relationships that start with a bang and others that slowly creep up on you to the point that you can’t remember life before. Before you were an “us”.

Perhaps it was this casualness of their meeting that neither could recall specifically that encouraged Adam to sweep Branka off her feet with a proposal that dreams are made of. Having skipped out of town on a mini holiday to Dubai, Adam explained one night that their dinner reservation had a change of plans. The restaurant was fully booked and he had to upgrade to a private table on the beach if they wanted to dine at the restaurant. Feeling like a new woman with her fresh manicure, Branka was more than ok with this idea and smiled at Adam.

Their tented dinner on the beach with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the background was worthy of all the dreams you might have of an elegant Arabian night under the stars. As they settled in Adam commented on Branka’s new nails and mentioned it was a wise idea considering the piece of jewellery he was about to present her with.

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Wedding Gown: Pallas Couture // Bridesmaids Gowns: Shieke // Makeup: Renata Jovev Makeup Artistry // Hair Stylist: Charlotte Pownall // Florals: Natural Art Flowers // Cake Artist: De La Rosa // Stationery: Nestle & Porter // Entertainment: Simply Entertainment // Reception Venue: Acqua Viva // Videography: Orriss Films

Apr 8, 2016

Elegant Acqua Viva Wedding Photographs